I’m Not Quite dead Yet.

 I think my friend The Bear is a fan of Monty Python. He says he’s getting better…..I don’t think so.

 We had a bit of a scrum him and I. Unfortunately, though we are friends he has suffered a “mild” neck wound. This picture looks worse than it is, but he is starting to bleed out his innards. ….Ooooopps.

I know there is a pool on when exacly my good friend will meet his demise. I can not tell for sure, he does have a lot of staying power and I do get tired of him often. ….But, it is also like a shark attack, once there is blood in the water even the “friendly” sharks can’t resist the taste of fresh blood.

Due to the nature of the wound, I believe I can blame Dracula, I mean it looks like a hungry vampire….doesn’t it?    uh,  maybe Dogula?

Life Lesson: BE CAREFULL!

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