Torture by Pizza

Some things are just unattainable.

The battle of wills continues, and I am not winning… by much. Some days are really hard. My dad prepares breakfast, and I couldn’t bring myself to eat it. I would go to my dish, smell it, and go somewhere else to lie down. When I get really hungry, I go back to my dish again, look, smell then lie down. One day it was already 3pm before I ate breakfast! I was so hungry I had to eat, or I die!

Other days my mom would sneak in some Kornik bits or some Chippy bits to my food, so I will eat it. Because my ribs are beginning to show my dad bought new food for me to try. It was still dog food though, so it was a fail. Sometimes he would give in too and give me human food with my dog food.

Tonight was expecially hard. They ate pizza with sausage and meatballs and mushrooms RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! Then my dad made me move away and sit when I started to beg and my easy mom started to feed me her food. My dad’s idea of mercy was letting me have the box.

Meatball and the Pizza Box

Life Lesson: You can always dream.

2 thoughts on “Torture by Pizza

  1. Oh, what a sob story. you get human food all of the time. I cook liver, chicken, beef, or other good things for you, You are still getting some left over turkey. You got Pizza crust, the Best…, ( ahem, cough, cough) part! “your ribs are starting to show”? Yeah, it’s because you keep outgrowing yourself.
    Life Lesson: You dream all of the time…and snore too!

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