Woohooo! I have had my first three way kiss!, ….That’s the good news. the bad news is that it was with my dad and my mom.  I guess in some corners that would be big, but for me it just kinda’ loses the “pizazz” if you will.

One day I hope to get a threeway kiss with two hot dogs. Of course I will settle for just getting two hotdogs too.

Ok, now all of you can go and think of all of your naughty Menage a’Trois thoughts.

Life Lesson: Sometimes the thought of the exotic is better than the reality.

Not The Only One Afraid

When you think of yourself as being cute and cuddly, it is shocking to realize that somebody else thinks of you as Frightful, With Big Teeth.

My mom’s family has the Afraid-Of-Dogs gene. My mom is actually also afraid of dogs. The only reason she is not afraid of me is because I am her son, and she got me when I was a puppy. I have an ate (older female relative) who is so afraid of me that she could not go into my house unless I am in my leash and somebody is holding me.

That’s the reason I have my prong collar and my leash on in the picture. Inside the house. I was not used to it, but I didn’t complain. I really, really wanted to smell her and play with her. We did walking around the house only four people apart. We sat down three people apart. Then she sat on her mom’s lap, and I sat on my dad’s. Then with her hand on her mom’s, they both held out their hands so I could smell them. Before she left, she at least was able to pet me and stroke me behind my ears. So I am content.

Life Lesson:  When you are afraid, it helps to have someone to hold on to.




Post-Christmas Blues

Christmas is like fireworks – you wait for it, it is spectacular when it comes, then it is all over.

One day after I got Froggie, I ripped his arm off and systematically emptied him of stuffing. I even managed to get the squeaker out of him.

My dad and my mom are both working again so I go back to having eight hour naps in the daytime. I miss having them but I guess I could use a nap – Christmas is exhausting! But I cannot wait until the next one comes again.

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Life Lesson: Exciting is good. But normal and boring is probably just as good.

This Was My Best Christmas EVER!

 Wow, this was my best Christmas ever!………..Ok, Ok, it was also my first Christmas. I got to meet a lot of my relatives, I got toys to play with, I got GREAT food to eat, it was Great! All of the crazy supid stuff my humans were doing for the past few weeks all seemed to come together in one day just for me!

 I must say it was also very nerve racking and tiring too. Kids running around screaming like they were a bunch of lonely alley cats protecting their turf. Kids teasing me in my own house. Boxes and wrapping paper all over. Lots of pretty lights. Lots of food. Poppy playing with me and petting me. Lots of people playing with me and petting me. My mom giving me a rather tasty people food lunch.  An antelope antler to chew on. It goes on and on, so much different than a normal day or even a normal Sunday.

I wonder if we can do this every Sunday?

 This is me meeting Santa!

 This is me getting special attention from Poppy.

 This is me waiting for…uh, protecting some of the deserts.

 This is me with my new friend, (he doesn’t have a name yet…what should I name him? …any suggestions?) I can’t wait to rip his arms off!

  I even got to spend some quality time with Horsey and tore his neck up…but just a bit…………..MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Life Lesson: Christmas may be a stressfull time but try to have some fun also.  You have to remember the meaning of Christmas, Humans sharing their stuff with me and feeding me a lot of their good food!


I hope this Christmas thing is worth the hype, because it sure is a lot of trouble.

My mom is sulking because my dad made her wash a frying pan that she used two days ago. In her mind, the pan is still clean and doesn’t need to be washed yet. My dad INSISTED that she clean it anyway, so my mom had a mini-meltdown.

We are hosting a Christmas dinner so my dad is in a cleaning and cooking frenzy – lots of crashing, clanging and cursing. You can’t even look at him, because if you do, you’ll get yelled at. He got to taste what he was cooking, but he forgot that my mom and me were hungry too. When my mom tried to make herself something to eat, my dad yelled at her = full-blown MELTDOWN!

But that’s not the worst of it. My dad made me get a BATH! I was crying so hard my eyes got really red, but I got the full treatment anyway – including perfuming and blow-drying of my fur. I guess I should be thankful I only got my nails clipped and not manicured.

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Life Lesson: No Pain No Gain



My 125th Post! I Am “MEATBALL”

  You’ve probably have seen this picture of me before. It was when I first came to my new home. I was just about 8 weeks old and small.

A lot has happened over the past months. I have learned a lot. I have become less scared of scary things, I have had a few meals. I have been a few places. I have broken my daddy’s nose, I have chewed up all of my mommies slippers. I have out grown 3 collars and broken a harness, and I have made this house my own.

  Yet there is still so much ahead. So much I don’t know yet. So much I have yet to learn. So much I have yet to experience. So much I have yet to eat. So much I have yet to chew up, rip apart, and destroy. So many places I have yet to visit. So many people I have yet to meet. So many of friends I have yet to play with, and so much territory I have yet to claim as my own.

 I am still small, but I am “Meatball” and this is me now.

Life Lesson: You will learn a lot and do a lot, yet you will always have more to learn and more to do. Savor and enjoy the journey as it is your story and your story is you.

Acting Out


Boredom makes it easier for Trouble to find you.

I am still alone most of the day. But instead of feeling sorry for myself, I am finding ways to make my day more interesting. I raided my mom’s pile of dirty clothes and scattered them all over the house, upstairs and downstairs – this way I can smell her everywhere. If they are still not home I would start chewing on individual pieces of clothing which has the most flavor.

The good thing is that instead of getting yelled at for messing everything up, they decided to spend more time with me:-)

And I gladly accepted their peace offering.

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Life Lesson: Life gets better!

WHAT! Shrubbery indoors?

Apparently Someone has decided it is now ok to put shrubbery indoors! OR, maybe my dad has decided to become a shrubber? I caught him the other day bringing a tree inside.  He has never brought even a branch indoors for me to chew on, he always makes me leave them outside. Now all of a sudden an entire freakin’ tree!   ….smells nice though.

  Maybe it’s there so I don’t have to go outside to pee? I mean it is getting colder out. Hmmmm, what a good idea! When it gets cold outside the humans bring the bathroom inside. BRILLIANT! No more going out in the cold in the morning.  ……Ok, where do I poop?

  Well, that was my first thought, then he started hanging lights on it, (duh, I can see it without lights)…Oh, maybe that is so I can find it at night so I can pee 24/7? ….Then he started decorating it? Now this is getting weird…a fancy pee place?
I go from the rustic outdoors to a , a neon, 42nd street, cheap brothel pee tree. What next? Am I to go from crapping on the grass to some sort of golden platter with a diamond, ( zirconia, no doubt) encrusted target? Or some ceramic throne to have to sit on?

   ………………………late update, I still have to pee and poop outside in the cold and have been told to stay away from the shrubbery. ……sigh.

Life Lesson: We on the “inside”, ( whether it be dogs, people or even shrubbery) are in a different club than those on the “outside”, but just as there are rules of the jungle, there are also rules of the indoors.



There are only a few things that are harder to do than waiting.

The past week had been very hard on me. My mom and dad would both leave early in the day, come home when it is already dark, only to leave again after an hour. When they come home again late at night, they are both too tired to play with me.

They have no time to help me write my blog:(

I can only hope that this situation is only temporary.

Life Lesson: One of the most valuable skills to learn in life is… how to amuse one’s self.