So nobody’s perfect.

My dad had been concerned because my right lower lid is droopier than the left and/or  sometimes my eyes do not look at the same direction. He had been worried that something is wrong with my eyes, and that I will never be a movie star or a show dog because of this. My mom already said no to surgery even before anybody even suggested it.

I thought I look just fine. And when my dad asked the vet about it. He thought so too.

Life Lesson: So you are not as good-looking as you want to be. It does not take make you any less valuable to those who love you.

One thought on “MY WONKY EYE

  1. O.K., so you don’t have Lassie’s or Rin Tin Tin’s eyes, They’re more like Peter Lorre’s eyes.
    You might be a show dog because of that.
    Don’t worry, you’re still a good buddy. (Even if you broke skin on me once)

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