So nobody’s perfect.

My dad had been concerned because my right lower lid is droopier than the left and/or  sometimes my eyes do not look at the same direction. He had been worried that something is wrong with my eyes, and that I will never be a movie star or a show dog because of this. My mom already said no to surgery even before anybody even suggested it.

I thought I look just fine. And when my dad asked the vet about it. He thought so too.

Life Lesson: So you are not as good-looking as you want to be. It does not take make you any less valuable to those who love you.

1 thought on “MY WONKY EYE

  1. O.K., so you don’t have Lassie’s or Rin Tin Tin’s eyes, They’re more like Peter Lorre’s eyes.
    You might be a show dog because of that.
    Don’t worry, you’re still a good buddy. (Even if you broke skin on me once)

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