I LOVE Take Out!

Me before:Wow! Mom and dad brought home take out Chinese food today. I don’t care if it is their leftovers I LIKE IT! Those Chinese are really on to something here. I had sesame chicken, wow! was it good. Have any of you had take out chinese food? Are there more flavors? They can bring that stuff home anytime!

However this gets me wondering, How often am I NOT getting this that I should be? I know they treat me very well. I know I have to eat my “dog food”  and that it is good for me. Has all the esential stuff I need to grow right, blah, blah, boring. Mom and dad do try to make it more interesting and they usually add some ground beef, chicken, liver, or whatever to spice it up. I have even had a dog food omlet my dad once made for me. But sesame chicken AND fried rice, now THAT is spicing it up!

I am one lucky dog! I now want to try all sorts of international cuisine. Which is a  fancy word for food that it is served to you. I don’t think I can call a cat “cuisine”.

Me now

Life Lesson: Don’t be afraid to try foods from all over. but also eat right so you grow up healthy.





1 thought on “I LOVE Take Out!

  1. Just wait till you try “Spaghetti & Meatballs” or “Sausage with Broccoli Rabe”, maybe “Lasagna”., Or, how about the Korean delicasy,”Fishheads and rice”.
    There’s so much out there waiting for you to experience.

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