Pesky Little Trouble Maker in Class

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So it is Tuesday night again and I am all excited. Class is actually fun, I meet my new friends, we learn a little, we play a lot, and we all have a good time.

But tonight I have this little Irish dog trying to start trouble. We all start out playing having a good time and not doing anything real serious, but as things progress he is really starting to bite my snout. I mean he is still acting like playing but his teeth are out and he ain’t afraid to show ’em. He is nipping at my nose, my eyes, my face, I am like Woa! what the……bark, bark. He even dares to bark back! Maybe it is because I am English and he is Irish? Maybe he is a member of that group “PITA”.

He seems to get along with the dog from Labrador and the little Shitzu just fine. Maybe it is an insecurity thing or maybe he figures if he can intimidate me he can rule the class.

The thing is I have to be real carefull. If I nip at him like he was nipping at me I will crush his head and everyone will be a bit upset. also he probably doesn’t taste that good anyway, ever eat Irish food?…Ok, that was a bit harsh, they make some good stuff like shepards pie and …uh, other stuff probably too.

Life Lesson: Don’t bite the mouth that is bigeer than your head!

This video doesn’t exist

2 thoughts on “Pesky Little Trouble Maker in Class

  1. Maybe he is Jack Frost in disguise. Whatever, i don’t like him nipping at Meatball maybe you should ask Milan what to do about this, or maybe his dad could teach him to cover his nose when the bully is around.

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