I Think My Dad is a Mad Scientist

 Sometimes I wonder. What does he do in the Kitchen? Along with my dog food I end up with all sorts of stuff in it. This is usually a good thing as I am not too fond of just plain old dry crunchy dog food. It’s for the dogs! Most times I get some ground beef, chicken, liver cheese, or some of their leftovers. Sometimes I get ???? I have no idea, bu tit usually is good.

 Often my dad is in the kitchen cooking all sorts of different stuff, usually I get to taste.  But sometimes I am not allowed near what he has cooked, he will say, “too spicy” or “too sweet”. I think these are just codes for “he wants it all to himself”!

 Tonight after cooking he started cooking again! Hmmmm, what is this some sort of experiment?  He said he was trying to invent a new dessert. See I told you, that has Mad Scientist  written all over it. He kept complaining that, “it is hard to cook while I have a dog trying to bite my hands”. He was making some sort of almond flavored custard in a pie shell made from ground up almond toast cookiesand ground up almonds. I don’t think it turned out like he had envisioned, ’cause he said he wants to try again…more Mad Scientist behavior.

Life Lesson: Experiment

…other stuff my dad made.

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