Can you teach an old human new tricks?

Ok, so I am in school and supposed to be learning all sorts of useless stuff…… sit, stay, how to walk nice, leave it, drop it, not to jump, and leash walking, sigh. Why can’t I just be a dog? Why can’t I just be who I am? Me? Why don’t they just get one of those Japanese robot dogs?  What are they trying to do, create the “Stepford Dogs”? I am an artist! I am someone! I am unique and worthwhile!  I bark, therefore I am! I drool, therefore I am!

…And all the while that old guy, (my Dad) forgets to do things right when we practice all these “behaviors” I am supposed to be learning. If he can’t get my “mind control-behavior modification” right, How AM I?

I think that deep down he is just a wild dog himself. No, I mean really. I’ll bet that deep down he wants to run, bark, drool, eat whatever, lick himself, (…ok, too much info there maybe), and do wild dog stuff. I’ll bet he had dreams before they used all of this school stuff on him!

Life Lesson: I wonder if it is too late for this young dog to teach that old human new tricks?

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