I’ve got Class!

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Some people…Ok dogs don’t like school. But if you are in school you have class! I know that is a silly play on words, however look at it this way. You literally do have class and classes, and you learn things and get to experieince things that you otherwise would not, thats kinda’ classy. you become a better, more experienced, more well rounded dog. You will know things other dogs do not, you will have skills. Plus you will meet other dogs, make new friends, and get their views on stuff….and get a lot of treats too.

 I was really nervous last week going to class, but it ended up being so much fun and I met Roxy, Brynn was there too, (I learned that she spells it Brynn, not Brin like I said last time).

We had a lot of fun this past class and I get to go again tomorrow night.I am sure we will have a lot of fun again….and maybe learn some new stuff too. …ps. did I mention I get a lot of treats in class.

Life Lesson: Learning new stuff is scary at first, but it becomes fun after that.

This video doesn’t exist

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