Win A Giant Teddy Bear!

Sometimes, even big things can be cute.

As of 3pm today, all of my daytime companions have been smaller than me. I really did not want to be the bully, but I couldn’t help it – there was no one else. I could easily bite their necks and shake them all around. Then I would break their skin and drain the stuffing out of them. Even my beloved Horsey was not spared. I hurt the ones I love.

But now I have Teddy. My dad got him for me. He thought that having company that is bigger than me would hopefully make me less fearful of things taller than me. He was pleasantly surprised that I was not afraid of him.  Also, I think he is hoping he will last longer than the others.

How about you dear reader? How long do you think he will last? My mom is going to give away Teddy’s twin to whoever guesses the date of his demise (defined as whenever his head is completely separate from his body).

To enter the contest, simply write Month Day Year of your guesstimate demise date at the Comments Section. Only one entry per commenter. The winner(s) should guess the right date, or will be the one closest.  My mom is willing to ship ANYWHERE. Good Luck!

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17 thoughts on “Win A Giant Teddy Bear!

  1. Oh hey Meatball, that’s one huge Teddy. I think it’s possible that the bear can break Meatball first. Hahaha but then again I could be wrong. Though it might take Meatball a while to send Teddy to his demise because of the thick skin and fur…surely Meatball would get a dry mouth often. Hahaha but then, my guess would be… Nov. 30, 2011.

  2. i think Teddy will keep his head for a long while…however i do think Meatball will drain the stuffing out of him daily….so this is a trick question. I predict that Teddy will never lose his head, just alot of stuffing and maybe an arm or a leg….at least this is how my dog treats her lion, tiger and rabbit, all bigger than she.

  3. Ah, You are wise. Yes, it might take a while before I tear is head off completely. But I do tend to go for the neck first. I like to grab my prey by the neck and swing it around for awhile and then pull the stuffing out from there. we all have our different techniques and favorite moves.
    Since I do not want to be percieved as an unfair predator I will concede and amend Teddys demise as to ” when his injuries are mortal and life ending”. I realize that this is a bit more ambiguous but Teddys demise will be considered toatl and final when my Daddy is tired of picking up Teddys innards from all over the floor.
    Everyone is allowed to recalculate their “death watch” estimates.
    I will give three hints:
    A). Teddy has proved to be a big and heavy opponent and is hard to grab and throw around.
    B). He is very soft and hard to really sink your teeth into.
    C). I do sometimes tire of attacking him as he is a lot of work. Think of it like whaling it is a long voyage, but the actual conflict lasts only a short time each attack, (in comparrison to the entire voyage time).

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