It’s hard to understand why people think you have to be reined in.

I got into trouble yesterday. I pulled my Grandmother down when I got excited and ran after a car. I was lucky she was wearing knee braces, so she only scraped her hand, or I really be in trouble.

My mom’s complaining too that it is getting harder and harder to walk me, it takes all her energy to make me walk where she wants me to walk.

That is how I ended up harnessed. It really feels weird. I tried to take it off me but I just looked stupid – like I was trying to chase my tail. They also got a super strong leash with an extra hand hold right by my back – so they can stop me short right away if I start pulling.

They tried to make it better for me. My dad gave me beef sticks. My mom gave me siopao (Filipino pork bun). But I am just biding my time. I am going to beat this harness yet!

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: Set limits restrict, but they also protect.

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