I Want to PLAY!!!

This video doesn’t exist

My Mom and Dad came home today for lunch. It was great, what a suprise. We ate, we walked a bit and we started to play….then they left again. I was so bummed out. Lonely again. I barked but they left anyway, sigh.   So, I just went back to sleep.

 Then my Dad came back home later. How long was I out? How much later? I don’t know…dogs can’t tell time, so I have no idea why you asked.

All I do know is I was well fed, well rested, bored and really, really, ready to play!
We walked, we ran and my Dad wanted to do other things, but I was having none of that. I WANT TO PLAY!    So, I badgered him and bit him, ( not too hard) and kept running around and MADE him play with me. He owed me, I have been cooped up all day. We ran, we walked, we played tug, we played fetch, ( sort of, …sometimes I don’t want to bring the whatever back. I make him go get it). we bit each other, I jumped on him, we stayed outside and got fresh air, we hung out. We had fun! A lot of FUN!

Life Lesson: Play is very important so make sure you take the time to have fun!

This video doesn’t exist



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