The Dangers of Drugs

I kinda’ got in trouble today. I was just home alone and bored, so I decided to experiment. You see my Moms’ back pack smells good. It smells like my Mom. It wouldn’t hurt to chew it a little bit, would it? it is kind of like comfort food. Well, there was a whole lot of stuffin there! One of the things was Benadryl, gotta’ chew up that package.

Anyway, my Mom came home and caugth me. She scolded me. Wow, drugs are dangerous! They can get you in trouble. Apparently I am not supposed to have them, they can make me nuts ..or tired. I don’t even know if I swallowed any while tearing up that package. I’m a little nuts tonight, but then again I’m a little nuts a lot of nights.

I guess I’ll stick to tearing up paper, sticks, scrap wood, leaves, stuffed animals, slippers, shoes, sneakers, raw hide, bully sticks, plastic toys, rubber toys, books, magazines, junk mail, the coffee table, that certain rocking chair, …did I mention sticks?

Life Lessson: Don’t do drugs Your Daddy would rather you chew his arm.


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