Back to school

Well, it was back to school today. I really didn’t want to go. Some people may have noticed by the way I did not want to get out of the car. Others may have noticed by the way my dad had to pick me up to carry me into the store. Once inside it was like “crap” I don’t want to be here, it is so wierd, I am not comfortable, I don’t know the rules, the “lay of the land”. What are the others going to think of me? Am I wierd? …I know I am wierder than the other kids! Will I have any friends? Will someone bully me? Will all the kids bully me? Will they make fun of me? SO many questions. SO many unknowns.

On the way to class I meet this hot little black lab named “Roxy”. But then we went our seperate ways and I was surrounded by all of the big tall scary things again. I still had to go. I had to get past them in order to get to class.

I got to class and I was still nervous, but then “Roxy” came in and then another cute little doggy came in. The other dog was named “Brin” and was a Shitzu, sooooo exotic. Suddenly alot of the big scary things didn’t seem so bad. I was with friends, and they were nice. We kind of flirted at first but as the class went on we got to know each other a little better and had some fun together. I started to feel a little bit more comfortable and relaxed a bit. Brin was a bit intimidated by my big oafish size, I guess I can’t blame her, but she accepted me anyway. Roxy and I bonded pretty quick and had fun.

I think it will all be alright.

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: Going to school may be scary, but there is just as much chance it will be fun. So try to ignore the scary parts and make the most of the fun parts.

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