Hunger Strike!

It’s the principle of the thing.

I think I am slowly dying of hunger. I do not want to eat anymore. My dad decided it is too much work to cook for me, so he just bought cans of Alpo to add into my food. I do not like it at all, and I would much rather die of hunger than eat something that I do not like.

You might think I am spoiled. I think that I am merely enlightened. I think the dogs who do eat dog food ALONE simply do not know any better. How could any dog go from chicken and rice, omelet, take-out Chinese food back to just regular food? If I were altruistic, I would tell every dog I meet the JOYS of human food. But I do not want to cause trouble.

If you want to help, please email my dad and tell him how you support my cause. Getting a lot of emails might make him have a change of heart.


Life Lesson: Perspective is all in the SPIN:-)


So nobody’s perfect.

My dad had been concerned because my right lower lid is droopier than the left and/or  sometimes my eyes do not look at the same direction. He had been worried that something is wrong with my eyes, and that I will never be a movie star or a show dog because of this. My mom already said no to surgery even before anybody even suggested it.

I thought I look just fine. And when my dad asked the vet about it. He thought so too.

Life Lesson: So you are not as good-looking as you want to be. It does not take make you any less valuable to those who love you.

I LOVE Take Out!

Me before:Wow! Mom and dad brought home take out Chinese food today. I don’t care if it is their leftovers I LIKE IT! Those Chinese are really on to something here. I had sesame chicken, wow! was it good. Have any of you had take out chinese food? Are there more flavors? They can bring that stuff home anytime!

However this gets me wondering, How often am I NOT getting this that I should be? I know they treat me very well. I know I have to eat my “dog food”  and that it is good for me. Has all the esential stuff I need to grow right, blah, blah, boring. Mom and dad do try to make it more interesting and they usually add some ground beef, chicken, liver, or whatever to spice it up. I have even had a dog food omlet my dad once made for me. But sesame chicken AND fried rice, now THAT is spicing it up!

I am one lucky dog! I now want to try all sorts of international cuisine. Which is a  fancy word for food that it is served to you. I don’t think I can call a cat “cuisine”.

Me now

Life Lesson: Don’t be afraid to try foods from all over. but also eat right so you grow up healthy.





Horsey, Martyr and Hero

Close proximity makes it more probable that you will, even if not intentionally, hurt the one you love.

My mom got Horsey from a second hand toy store. She fell in love with him because he was cute and cuddly in spite of being a wooden rocking horse. Horsey was supposed to be the in house toy for kids who come to visit.

Horsey had been living in our house for almost a year when I came. In the beginning I was afraid of him. He was bigger than me. He wasn’t afraid of anything. My dad used to cover him up with a blanket so I will not be afraid to venture into the living room – which was his territory.

After a while, I got used to him. I learned that he was passive, and didn’t mind being snapped at and bitten. The longer we were together, the bolder I became. In time I was not just biting him, but grabbing him by the neck and shaking him up, even when we were equal in height and weight. I would eat at his handles and rockers. I would hump him until he acknowledges that I am the Alpha Male.

He got dirty and ragged looking. He begun to lose not just skin, but also stuffing. When he begun to bleed too much, my dad had no choice but to declare him dead. And now I miss him.

My jaws and neck are stronger because of him. He taught me even things that initially evoke fear can be learned and mastered. He had been my companion and friend.

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Life Lesson: I’m sorry is as powerful as Thank You.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I live a blessed life and I know I have a lot to be thankful for.

The day started good. My mom and dad usually leave in the morning and today they just stayed home. They played with me, walked me, just hung out with me. I was so happy.

Then in the middle of the day they got in the car and left. They usually come home after I napped but today they didn’t. They were gone for a very long time and I was worried that they would never come. After two lifetimes, they came. And they fed me special turkey, peas, rice, and kornik. And they played with me for a very long time. And now I am happy again.

Dear Lord, Thank you for giving me parents who come back even if they leave, a house house that shelters me when they do, and toys to keep me company. Amen.

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Life Lesson: Saying “Thank You” is so easy, yet so valuable. Do it often.


Pesky Little Trouble Maker in Class

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So it is Tuesday night again and I am all excited. Class is actually fun, I meet my new friends, we learn a little, we play a lot, and we all have a good time.

But tonight I have this little Irish dog trying to start trouble. We all start out playing having a good time and not doing anything real serious, but as things progress he is really starting to bite my snout. I mean he is still acting like playing but his teeth are out and he ain’t afraid to show ’em. He is nipping at my nose, my eyes, my face, I am like Woa! what the……bark, bark. He even dares to bark back! Maybe it is because I am English and he is Irish? Maybe he is a member of that group “PITA”.

He seems to get along with the dog from Labrador and the little Shitzu just fine. Maybe it is an insecurity thing or maybe he figures if he can intimidate me he can rule the class.

The thing is I have to be real carefull. If I nip at him like he was nipping at me I will crush his head and everyone will be a bit upset. also he probably doesn’t taste that good anyway, ever eat Irish food?…Ok, that was a bit harsh, they make some good stuff like shepards pie and …uh, other stuff probably too.

Life Lesson: Don’t bite the mouth that is bigeer than your head!

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I Think My Dad is a Mad Scientist

 Sometimes I wonder. What does he do in the Kitchen? Along with my dog food I end up with all sorts of stuff in it. This is usually a good thing as I am not too fond of just plain old dry crunchy dog food. It’s for the dogs! Most times I get some ground beef, chicken, liver cheese, or some of their leftovers. Sometimes I get ???? I have no idea, bu tit usually is good.

 Often my dad is in the kitchen cooking all sorts of different stuff, usually I get to taste.  But sometimes I am not allowed near what he has cooked, he will say, “too spicy” or “too sweet”. I think these are just codes for “he wants it all to himself”!

 Tonight after cooking he started cooking again! Hmmmm, what is this some sort of experiment?  He said he was trying to invent a new dessert. See I told you, that has Mad Scientist  written all over it. He kept complaining that, “it is hard to cook while I have a dog trying to bite my hands”. He was making some sort of almond flavored custard in a pie shell made from ground up almond toast cookiesand ground up almonds. I don’t think it turned out like he had envisioned, ’cause he said he wants to try again…more Mad Scientist behavior.

Life Lesson: Experiment

…other stuff my dad made.


Some sounds instantly make you happy.

The sound of the garage door opening, the sound of my mom and dad’s voices, the sound that the word “Meatball” makes, these sounds make me happy.

But the sound of my mommy munching on cornik makes me salivate and I have immediately go to where the sound of cornik is coming from.

My mommy is out most of the time now. And when she comes home she is always tired, and hungry, sometimes even grumpy. My dad and I were upstairs pretending to do important stuff. My mom stayed downstairs to rest before going to sleep. And then I heard the sound of cornik. In two seconds I was downstairs begging. My mom was laughing so hard and so long. I do not understand why, but I am glad I made her happy.

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Life Lesson: Happiness can be found in the simplest of things.

Can you teach an old human new tricks?

Ok, so I am in school and supposed to be learning all sorts of useless stuff…… sit, stay, how to walk nice, leave it, drop it, not to jump, and leash walking, sigh. Why can’t I just be a dog? Why can’t I just be who I am? Me? Why don’t they just get one of those Japanese robot dogs?  What are they trying to do, create the “Stepford Dogs”? I am an artist! I am someone! I am unique and worthwhile!  I bark, therefore I am! I drool, therefore I am!

…And all the while that old guy, (my Dad) forgets to do things right when we practice all these “behaviors” I am supposed to be learning. If he can’t get my “mind control-behavior modification” right, How AM I?

I think that deep down he is just a wild dog himself. No, I mean really. I’ll bet that deep down he wants to run, bark, drool, eat whatever, lick himself, (…ok, too much info there maybe), and do wild dog stuff. I’ll bet he had dreams before they used all of this school stuff on him!

Life Lesson: I wonder if it is too late for this young dog to teach that old human new tricks?

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100 POSTS!

It has not always been easy, and not always fun, but we have persisted.

Thank you everybody for taking time to read our blog. My mom thinks I am growing too fast.

Meatball Family

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