Autumn SnowMonster

Somebody in Mother Nature’s office didn’t get the memo – no snowing while the leaves are still in the trees!

The Northeast is getting a White Halloween this year. A lot of houses do not have power, and that includes my house. I am not used to not having lights, so last night scared me a little. There were a lot of new noises – the snow plows sound worse that big lions, so I was afraid of going out of the house. My dad had to drag me out just so I would poop and pee.

A lot of people, including my dad, are afraid the trees will fall and land on the houses. The trees branches still wearing their foliage caught an extra share of the heavy wet snow, more than a lot of them were able to handle.

It was fun playing in the snow though. My feet would sink four inches into the snow, making it harder to run, but I loved the challenge.

I had a good time until my dad had me go meet the SnowMonster. He was huge ice cube hanging out in the neighbors front yard. I like ice, but he was too much!

Life Lesson: Too much of a good thing is TOO MUCH.

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