You know you are really special when you get a half birthday party.

I will be six months old tomorrow! I went to the vet today and I am already 100 pounds. I do not feel anything different from when I was 2 months and 20 pounds. If my dad and I lie side by side on the bed, when stretched I am as tall as my dad. It doesn’t change anything though. My parents still expect me to do as they say.

My dad’s still sick, but my mom had a little party for me anyway. I got a woofie pie and a green crocodile chew toy. I also got to eat my favorites – pear and pistachios. I had a good half birthday!

From my mom:

Halfy birthday to you

In an alternate universe you probably belong to the zoo

With the monkeys and the donkeys

And the elephants too

But in this world

You belong to me (and your dad too)

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: Happiness is… knowing you belong.

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