Going for a drive!

So, It seems my parents leave me all of the time. Who knows where they go? Do they go off to work? Do they go to the store? Are they just out having fun with out me? Whats up? They always leave me home alone. I bark, I cry, they still leave.
I want to go too! I have been to where they work, there are nice people there. I get attention there. I have been to the store. Yes, it is still a scary place but I usually get treats and a toy at the end. A lot of times they are probably just out having fun with out me. OR eating good food with out me. The nerve, the horrors, aaarrrggghhh! I WANT TO COME!

I HATE BEING LEFT HOME ALONE! It gets boring without my pack.

My new plan is two fold. A).just go right up to the car every time we go out for a walk, just in case they are going to make a run for it. Also it shows them I like the ride. and..B). Everytime they go near the door to leave I am ready to bolt outside.

Rides are cool. The wind blows in your face. You catch all of the smells of the outdoors. You get to see new places and things along the way. And you get to bark at everyone as you drive past and they can’t catch you.

Of course once you get there and have to get out of the car…., well thats another story. If it is the park, then that is OK. I can run free there. It is nice and grassy. I can eat Canadian Goose poop, yum, foreign food!

If they want me to get out in the city I don’t want any part of that. It is noisy, there are too many people, there are big buildings, moving cars, stuff everywhere. Stuff I don’t know anything about. ..and it doesn’t smell good.

Life Lessons: Adventure is good, but there is no place like home…and Canadians make good goose poop.

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