What goes up……

It has become well known that I am afraid of heights. No, not afraid of being high up…( well that too), but afraid of things that are high. No, I am not afraid of Hippies and Wall Street protesters. THINGS, inanimate objects that tower above me. Stuff that might attack from above. Stuff that might fall on me. Stuff that has no reason being up where I can’t bite it.

Things like signs on posts. Why are they up there? If I could read it would do no good ’cause I can’t see that high anyway. Things like umbrellas. They flap around in the wind, who knows what they are thinking? If they are malevolent? If they will fall? What are they doing all the way up there anyway? There is a lot of space between them and me, rain comes inbetween. So why are they so high? Things like tall people. Why are they so high up?  What is wrong with them? Don’t they know if they fall they have a long way down? I don’t trust them! Tall people belong in the circus!.   Disclaimer: ( The editor must here note that the opinions and views shared by Meatball are not in any way indicitive of those of the editorial staff of this blog, and furthermore the staff takes no responsibility for the views or claims made by the artist known as Meatball)

So anyway, the point I am trying to make here is that my dad is trying to help me get over my fear of high things. He is now climbing on the kitchen counter and other high places and feeding me treats from there. Sometimes he drops them when I am below and sometimes he makes me reach up and get them from his hands. It is all very nerve wracking. ….but the treats are good. He saves the really good ones for this enduring time. In fact last  night he was dropping ice cream, ICE CREAM! to me. Wow! that stuff is wonderfull! Then he let me/made me get below him while he was on the counter so I could lick the container. It was worth the risk…..and I survived, ( which means the big fat fool didn’t fall on me).


 The Low riders have a saying, “Low and Slow”, ..But I guess I am going to have to adapt to a verticle world.

Life Lesson: Sometimes good things come from above.

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