I Didn’t Wet The Bed!

Accidents happen.

I guess I did wet the bed. But not the way you think I did.

I love my dad, but I am my mom’s son. You can usually find my water dish in the bathroom, about 10 steps away from my bed. I sometimes wake up in the night needing to drink, so I would walk the 10 steps to my dish and then 10 steps back. Any efficiency expert will tell you that that this is just too many steps.

So I did what my mom would have done. I brought the water dish to my bed so I do not have to walk so far. But ooooppss again! Just as I was going to place it at the bed, it spilled! It got all wet that I wasn’t going to sleep in it. So I slept in their bed instead.

In the morning when my dad discovered my wet bed, he thought I had a peeing accident. Doesn’t he know that I am not a baby anymore? Seeing the upended dish set him straight! So like the best daddy that he is, he just cleaned my bed and set it out to dry so I will have a comfy bed again tonight. Happy ending!

Life Lesson: Accidents do happen. But there are also a lot of ways to clean up and make things better again. It helps when you have somebody who loves you who will help.

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