SO, I had to go to puppy class! Mom and dad obviously need some training. It is supposed to be for me, but HA! THOSE FOOLS! IT IS THEY WHO ARE UNDER MY SPELL!…Ok, I just got a little carried away, but let me explain what I mean.

This is me sitting nicely.. For doing this I get a treat. Usually something very tatsy.

However, I have since turned the tables on them!  Now whenever I sit nicely they feel compelled to give me some food. So for example, when they are eating and it smells good, I saunter over to where they are, sit nicely, just as they have taught me, and look like I have learned to sit, therefore I deserve a treat. Of course they are suckers so I get some good people food.

There were no other dogs at puppy class. I guess the smart owners didn’t sign up for dog homework.  I was however looking forward to having someone to play with. I think they said a Shitzu, ( sounds kinda’ funny to me…maybe like a little trouble maker dog) is supposed to join us in two weeks.

In the mean time I will just wait longingly for some more dog-to-dog interaction.

Life Lesson: The person who asks you to do something ends up more indebted to you.

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