These beings called humans

 You have to learn to train your human. This is me when I was younger. I had my dad in beginners training. he was learning how I liked my belly rubbed.  I digress. …You see, they think they are training you. Ha!, It is the other way around. You have to train them to take care of you as you desire. If they don’t walk you enough, pee in the house and whadda’ ya’ know? they walk you more. You want to play more, go tear up stuff they like. BOOM,  you get more toys and they spend more time with you.  Don’t like your food, stop eating. All of a sudden, they are cooking beef and chicken and adding it your food!

There are certain things you have to learn, such as… The sad eyes. these will get you a lot. the worried look, they will be gentle with you then.The I’m so hungry, I need that look. It gets you special human treats.

The happy cute face, this is their reward, (you have to give this a lot so they keep doing stuff for you).

These are just some of the looks you will need to learn. Training humans is complicated. There really should be books on it, maybe even a TV show. There should be a “Human Wisperer”.

I will try to show you more of my secret human training techniques at another time, but for now go ahead and practice these.

Peace out Bow Wow!
Life Lesson:Humans are not very bright, they need a lot of training and do not understand signs well. Even when the signs are right in front of them.

2 thoughts on “These beings called humans

  1. I love the meatball story! He is such a cute dog and so spoiled. Dogs r just like kids, needing tlc and boy do they get it! You would think they r kids just a different form. Can’t wait to read more about him and his journey of life. Eventually ur wish will be granted 🙂

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