Happy Birthday Dad!

It’s hard to give nice birthday presents when you don’t have money.

It’s my dad’s birthday today and I have no present yet!

How do you gift a man who deserves the very best?

Who slept on the cold hard floor so he could hold your paw so you wouldn’t be lonely,

Who cleaned your poop without making a big deal out of it because you were sick,

Who let you hold him in your mouth, even if it meant puncture wounds and abrasions,

Who played rough with you to make you tough, even if it meant a broken nose and a black eye,

Who cooked chicken and rice, ground beef and liver, even kidney just to make your food more interesting, so you will be excited to eat it,

Who made rules like no ice cream, or no begging, or not in the bed, but is ok with bending them a little bit so you could have fun,

Who is so sweet, he leaves little notes all over that says how much he loves you,

Who is so generous, he makes toy cars so he could give them to Toys for Tots for Christmas,

Who is creative and artistic yet goal-oriented, he has filled our house with furniture he made himself,

Who is so down-to-earth, he doesn’t mind menial work, or getting dirty,

Who is the best husband to my mom,

A good son, brother, friend,

A dad with a tungsten carbide core.

I guess I will just have to go with a big slobbery kiss, with all my love and loyalty, as long as the blog lives….

Life Lesson: A gift doesn’t need to cost money, but it still needs to cost something to give it value.


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