It pays to have big ears.

Overheard at the dinner table:

M: “Would you like to go to Maine for your birthday?                                                             D: Ok, but who would take care of Meatball?                                                                      M: We should just take him, we shouldn’t coddle him forever. We could probably just make it a day trip.                                                                                                                  D: We could, but there wouldn’t be enough meals for us to eat all we want to eat…”

I have very ambivalent feelings about this trip. On one side, I would love to be a part of a food trip – I love food too! Also I would get to spend the entire time with both my mom and dad.  On the other hand, I really really hate being in a new environment. I will probably just be shaking and refusing to get out of the car the whole time. If I stay, I will feel safe and comfortable at home, but I will miss my mom and dad, not to mention lobsters and blueberry pie. Que sera, sera!

Life Lesson: Sometimes when the choice is between bad and badder, it is almost a relief when the choice is taken away from you – that way at least you can blame somebody else for the bad outcome.

2 thoughts on “I HEAR!

  1. Sometimes you have to take a chance and brave the “bad” to get the good stuff. Meatball, there will be other trips for you, other opportunities, but you have to learn to be brave enough or desperate enough to get over your fears.

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