It’s hard to type with paws.

You see these little paws? How hard do you think it is to type out this blog with these mitts? I’m tellin’ ya’ it ain’t easy!

That’s why some days there is no new entry. My paws are tired! ….Yes, some days it is writers block, I have a small brain ya’ know. But many times it’s because my mitts are just plain pooped. Ok, I shouldn’t use the word “pooped” as I do a lot of that also.

I’m not complaining but do you realize that I am on them all day and then have to write at night?

BTW, (that means “by the way”, by the way) those were my small paws when I was little. these below are my new size for now. Thank  goodness I don’t have to buy shoes!

So you try typing with these things!

Life Lesson: From imperfect hands come great work!

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