Not A Baby Anymore

It can get confusing it you are growing too quickly – you had not had time to get used to new found powers, and then you have more.

On my hind legs I am probably as tall as my mom’s chest when she is standing. And if I jump, I can probably get her nose too. She used to like playing tag with me, but now she is wary because I jump on her now, and she knows that if I do, she’s going down.

Instead of tag she makes it a point to take me out for a ride in her car everyday, even if I do not leave the car. She would let me smell and see and bark. Also my dad takes us both to a little league field where we run laps, or even play fetch.

Sometimes, when my dad is in the right mood, he would take me to a coffee shop with outdoor seating, where I could meet other puppies. I have bad manners though.  Because I am scared, I bark a lot, then retreat. But I just really, really want to play. I got lucky yesterday. I met another puppy who sat still even while I barked. He let me smell him even if he was not allowed to smell me back. Even if we didn’t really get a chance to play, it was a good experience. Maybe I will be better next time.

Life Lesson: Most creatures are shy, unsure and clumsy at first. The good news is that most of the time, we get second chances.

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