OOoppppss, I broke my Daddy’s nose

It wasn’t my fault! I know. I know I have said that in the past several times. I know  you’re thinking I always have an excuse, But really it wasn’t my fault. I always get blamed for everything.

He bumped into MY head! Ok, yeah I was moving too and may have bumped him slightly too.

I hardly felt a thing, Actually I didn’t feel a thing. All of a sudden he is rolling around on the floor holding his nose and trying not to get any blood on the carpet. He wasn’t too successful but most of it ended up in the sink.

Thankfully my Mom is a doctor, but I don’t think he got much sympathy. All I heard is “Ow, I think Meatball broke my nose” and then ” uh huh, I’m harvesting my blueberries go get some ice on it.”

Now I feel bad, sort of, ….ok, not really but I can look sad for a little while.

Life Lessons: A). If you’re gonna’ play with the big dogs you need a tough nose.

B). Doctors save their sympathy for the paying customers.

2 thoughts on “OOoppppss, I broke my Daddy’s nose

    • Tita Babes, I am so glad I make you laugh:) Chris wrote this post though, so I give him credit. Actually its OOopps, Tiger Mom is supposed to be a fortune teller, but the dig about doctors is so funny that I decided to keep it. Thanks again for the support:)

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