I See!

What you cannot see cannot scare you (unless you have a very good imagination).

Instead of getting better, I am scared of more things now than before – a hanging decor, the TV, the trees, a lamp post, the VW’s rear door – things that have always been there. My dad is going nuts trying to figure out why. He has been taking time to show me that they are just things, they don’t do anything, even if sometimes they are noisy.

My Tiger Mom thought it odd so she started to do research. Her theory was that like babies, maybe puppies are nearsighted at birth and their vision get better as they develop. She thinks that the reason I am scared of “new” things is that I have not been able to see those things before.

She was wrong! She found out that puppies are born BLIND! Big breed puppies actually just begin to see at eight weeks! So maybe it isn’t really my fault that I am such a scaredy-dog. I am just beginning to see a wider world!

Do I get a break because of this? No. My Tiger Mom actually decreed that I should go to work with my dad everyday. This way I will get even more exposure. I am never going to win.

Life Lesson: The more you see and interact with things that scare you, the less scary they become.

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