I Was Here First!

Defending the niche you have cut out for yourself could be hard, especially if the invader is bigger than you.

So it was bedtime. As all the others were getting ready with putting on their jammies and brushing their teeth, I thought it was the best time to reserve the best part of the bed for myself. I made myself comfortable with the pillows and blankets at the head of the bed. But do you think they respected my right to be there as I was there first?

NO, they did not. They tried to coax me off the bed. When that didn’t work, they tried to bribe me off. Finally, my dad just used brute force – he carried me off the bed!

I so look forward to the dad when they will not be able to carry me anymore!

Life Lesson: In real life, nothing is equal. The trick is finding the spot where you are more equal than others and capitalizing on it.

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