Teeth or Treat

As you can see, I do not need a scary costume for Halloween. I already have scary teeth.

Most of my baby teeth have fallen out, and I have brand new, almost white, mostly clean teeth. And I know how to use it too. I have strong jaws and I am still not very good with playing tug, but I am getting there. I am also learning to be more accurate in my aim . I almost scared my mom because I almost bit her hand when I was trying to get the leash from her hand, but I pulled back at the last second and just got the leash in her hand. I am getting big and strong!

When a 30 pound little girl in a pink Care Bear costume came trick or treating, I was still afraid.

Life Lesson: There is power in cuteness.

SnowMonster Videos

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Autumn SnowMonster

Somebody in Mother Nature’s office didn’t get the memo – no snowing while the leaves are still in the trees!

The Northeast is getting a White Halloween this year. A lot of houses do not have power, and that includes my house. I am not used to not having lights, so last night scared me a little. There were a lot of new noises – the snow plows sound worse that big lions, so I was afraid of going out of the house. My dad had to drag me out just so I would poop and pee.

A lot of people, including my dad, are afraid the trees will fall and land on the houses. The trees branches still wearing their foliage caught an extra share of the heavy wet snow, more than a lot of them were able to handle.

It was fun playing in the snow though. My feet would sink four inches into the snow, making it harder to run, but I loved the challenge.

I had a good time until my dad had me go meet the SnowMonster. He was huge ice cube hanging out in the neighbors front yard. I like ice, but he was too much!

Life Lesson: Too much of a good thing is TOO MUCH.

First Snow

First experiences are awesome!

I love ice cubes. But I know they come from the fridge. Imagine my joy and amazement when I found out it could come from the sky too!

At first I was a little afraid – there was so much movement outside. I couldn’t stop barking at it. My dad thought it would be a good idea to introduce me to snow sooner rather than later, as I would have to go out sometime (we are expecting 6 to 12 inches of snow). I was tentative at first, slipping and sliding, but after a while, I was alright. Then I loved it. We ran. My dad made a snowball and I tried to catch it. I think I will love ice from the sky.

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This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: Novelty comes but once – savor it.


You know you are in real trouble if your mom can’t take it anymore.

Like all messes, mine did not start out big like this. I usually play with one toy at a time. After I beat it to bits though and taken some of the stuffing out, I move on to the next. The problem is that the discarded toys do not clean themselves up. That I think should be the next great invention – toys that disappear after you are done playing with them.

Then there’s the rug. It’s supposed to be heavy and hard to move, but when I go running around it moves around with me! And it’s not like if I run backwards it goes back to it’s proper place.

The mess doesn’t really bother me. But after days and days of this it had finally got into my apathetic mom. So… my dad really needs to get better soon!

Life Lesson:  Clean is in the eye of the beholder.

Big Brother is watching!

 Ok, call me paranoid, but am I really? It all started out so innocently. I turned 6 months old and dad takes me to the vet, this guy could possibly be a mad scientist, hey I don’t know, I’m just sayin’.  He also has the pretty, innocent looking assistant, and really good cookies, ( standard B movie casting if you ask me).They are very sweet there….hmmmmm, maybe too sweet. They grope me all over obstensibly to check my joints, they look at my ears, they look at my eyes, they make me sit on this big metal “floor table” and watch the dial above, it reads 100, so I get a cookie. Hmmmm again, was that because it said 100 or was it because I sat still, of were they just trying to win me over for what was to come?

So this “mad scientist”, the “sweet assistant” and my dad, Hmmm, is he even really who he says he is, he doesn’t  look like me, ( but then again he feeds me real good stuff, walks me, plays with me, and is like always there and that is good enough for me, so he gets a pass!). Anyway this cast of charecters confer for a few minutes.     Meanwhile in the background I here a cat cryin’ and dogs barking. It makes me wonder what kind of wierd scientific experiments are being done in this place????

Then, the very sweet lady, who by the way I think I am bigger than she is, and I could probably “take” her if it came down to ….oh, never mind, I am sweet too. Anyway she gets me in a headlock while my dad was distracting me with one of those delightful cookies. THEN ZING! The Mad Scientist in the white coat jabs me in the back with a needle, boy that cookie was GOOD!

I am hearing all sorts of things about “implant”, “chipped”, “micro…yum, those are good cookies…..I couldn’t really concentrate on the conversation. Hey, I’m a dog, cut me some slack, I have big floppy ears, it’s hard to hear, and I’m only 6 months and I don’t understand. To me “micro-chipped” is just some very small potato chip almost not worth getting up for…I said almost.

Life Lesson: Big Brother IS probably watching, but his assistant has you in a headlock, so enjoy the cookies.


You know you are really special when you get a half birthday party.

I will be six months old tomorrow! I went to the vet today and I am already 100 pounds. I do not feel anything different from when I was 2 months and 20 pounds. If my dad and I lie side by side on the bed, when stretched I am as tall as my dad. It doesn’t change anything though. My parents still expect me to do as they say.

My dad’s still sick, but my mom had a little party for me anyway. I got a woofie pie and a green crocodile chew toy. I also got to eat my favorites – pear and pistachios. I had a good half birthday!

From my mom:

Halfy birthday to you

In an alternate universe you probably belong to the zoo

With the monkeys and the donkeys

And the elephants too

But in this world

You belong to me (and your dad too)

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Life Lesson: Happiness is… knowing you belong.

My Daddy’s Sick!

What do you do when the one who takes care of you becomes the one who need your care?

My dad is sick. I never thought dads could be sick. He was never ever sick. But now he is. I didn’t get it at first. I tried to play with him. I was loud and rambunctious. I got kicked out of the room.

Now I have nobody to play with. And I have to be quiet. And I don’t bite. I just stay with him quietly on the bed, trying to keep him warm.

I hope he gets well soon.

Life Lesson: If you feeling tired and frustrated because you have to take care of somebody sick, just think. You could have been the one sick.

Underwear, Underwear, Everywhere

Most people have little quirks. In my family, we have big ones.

My mom thinks of herself as an efficiency expert. When she was living by herself, she never put anything away. The dirty dishes go in the sink. When there are no more clean dishes, she puts everything in the dishwasher. The clean dishes remain there until there is no more and the cycle repeats. Because this drives my dad nuts, she would sometimes put things away.

Her clothes are a different story however. For that she still employs the same system. The dirty clothes go in the floor. When she has no more clothes, they go to the washer. Clean, they stay at the dirty clothes hamper. Everything was fine until I started not being afraid of my mom’s pile of dirty clothes.

My dad started finding my mom’s underwear in his office. Then in my bed. In the living room. He started cracking down on my mom – he is afraid that either I would swallow them or choke on them. My mom is mad because now she will be forced to put her clothes away.

I wish she wouldn’t. I like having my security panties. They have the best ever olfactory-high to surface area ratio. It makes me feel like she is still with me wherever I go, that I am not really alone. I would settle for the big granny ones, even if they are heavier. I hope.

Life Lesson: One woman’s dirty panties is another dog’s dirty panties.



Dog Food Omelette

Some may settle, but the best hold out for the best!

I had another long day today. After pining and pining for being able to go driving, I got to go. It was just a long drive. Stop. Long drive. Stop. Long drive again. Now I wish I just stayed home.

You would think that after a trying day I would get a nice gourmet dinner. But no. Because everybody was out all day, there was no food for the nice doggie. My dad tried to give me just plain dry, dog foo. Ahh NO. He then added a RAW EGG! Did he think I was a barbarian? No matter how hungry I was, I walked away.

And that was how I got to have Dog Food Omelette:)

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Life Lesson: Know what you are worth and do not settle for anything less.