It wasn’t my fault!

I’ll spare you the picture and it wasn’t my fault! My human didn’t do HIS job and take me out in time.

We woke up as usual, I wait while he brushes his teeth, showers, gets dressed, etc. etc. Then we go out for a nice walk and I pee and poop. Well this morning he decides to do OTHER things after he gets up and does the usual routine. I mean like “HUH” ? HEY BUDDY I got to GO you know. Does he listen? NO!

So I pooped on the floor! Oh Yes I Did! He got mad, I felt guilty, but I think he learned his lesson! I do believe I will get better service in the mornings from now on and none of this lax behavior on his part.

Life Lesson: With a smart plan and well thought out actions you can rule from the bottom.


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