This is Meatball’s Dad

Here sits Meatball. We went on a trip the other day and took Meatball. He was Ok with going for a drive as long as it was not too long. However, once we got anywhere he didn’t want to get out of the car. He was afraid of anywhere strange.

So, long story short, when his mom and I decided to go away for a few days, I decided he wasn’t going to go us. He would be too uncomfortable we reasoned. He would be better off staying at home with his Aunt. We would be out having fun and he would be OK.

Now that we are away all we worry about is Meatball. How is he feeling, does he miss us, does he know we are coming home. I think we have “first time parents leaving the newborn with the baby sitter” syndrome.

He is probably having a lot of fun, while we call all the time to see how he is. Every morning…ring ring…How is Meatball? how did he sleep? did he eat? does he miss us?  Every night…..ring ring…..How is Meatball? how did he sleep? did he eat?, does he miss us?

Life lesson: Vacation is more fun with the WHOLE family even if some are hairy and have long ears.

1 thought on “This is Meatball’s Dad

  1. Vacation is always fun, as long as no one’s complaining 😀

    But I hope you guys enjoyed your short trip to Maine. Soooo.. where’s my lobsters?!?

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