Where’s my daddy?

He has been Stolen! …..Some one has taken him awayNow I have to sit under the table and wait for him. I don’t even want to play without him.

I think I hear him in the garage, I think he’s working on cars with JoJo my Mommies cousin. They just hide in the garage, make noise, all day and hardly come out to play. I already walked, ate, pooped, pee’d, chased mom around, barked at nothing and slept. NOW, what am I supposed to do? I thought we were a pack, I thought we did everything together?

Wait untill he comes back in, I am going to bite his arm! I am going to make him rub my belly! I am going to make him play with me all day tomorrow!

I guess I’ll just make a mess and tear up this box.

I hope he comes back in soon.

Life Lesson: Be patient with the ones you love and they will come back to you.

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