Sorry Poppy :(

I am feeling SO guilty! Sometimes I play too rough. I can get really carried away. I was playing with my dad’s dad, I’m his granddog and we kind of got caught up in all that macho Mano-a-Dogo stuff. Anyway a grab by a hand here a flash of the old choppers there and oooops I bit the old guy.

Don’t worry, I haven’t developed a blood lust or anything. In fact I hardly got a taste at all.  He is a tough guy, he didn’t cry or complain, just laughed it off. I still feel bad, but on the other hand All I have is this big old mouth to defend myself with and to grab things with.

I fervently hope that on the next full moon he doesn’t start to grow big floppy ears, a tail, a black muzzle, start to drool, and want to lick his …..oh never mind.

I hope he doesn’t sue me! I could lose all of my toys, my bones, crate! ..he wouldn’t take my crate?   would he?


Life Lesson: If you play rough you may be laughing now, but sooner or later someone is going to get hurt…make sure it is the other guy!

1 thought on “Sorry Poppy :(

  1. Hey, Meatball.
    We sure had a great time roughing it up, didn’t we? We have to do it again sometime, maybe not as rough.
    I did consult with my counseller(?), and he said that you don’t have enough assets at this time. Although your Mom was great in treating the wound. I finished all the medicine she gave me. My shots were up to date.
    See you soon, Poppy

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