Missing Mommy

 There is more to family than just what you see everyday.

My mom went to Toronto and she was gone for two days! She said she needed to go because she wants to see her family, and I thought, is she not content with just my daddy and me?

She went to see her Lolo (grandfather) and Lola (grandmother) that she had not seen for a long time. She said they were the highlight of her Sundays when she was growing up. She would line up for a lollipop treat from her Lolo, and eat special Sunday lunches from her Lola. She went to see her Titas (aunts) and Titos (uncles) who played with her and took her to movies when she was growing up. She went to see her cousins and their kids, some whom she has not seen in a long time.

My mom said they ate a lot of food, told old and new stories, and rehashed old jokes. My mom felt sad because she had to leave home, but she’s happy too, because she got to see her old family, and know that whatever and wherever she goes, she will always have a family to go home to. I cannot wait until I get to meet them!

Life Lesson: Family is always family, no matter the distance, no matter the time, no matter the differences.




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