This is for someone special who needs it

  The tears came from rain

and the rain from tears.

  Sorrow splashing upwards

From within

from without.

  A fall so deep

A burden so heavy

A moment so reversed.

  A miracle needed

So desperate

So elusive.

  Hope on butterfly wings, but impossible to catch

My hands tied by chance.

  No reprieve, just the constant cloud surrounding in all dirrections.

East and West, North and South, above, below, and beyond

Forever to the horizon and twice as far yet.

  Several rays of Sun, Oh the beautifull Sun

Are with me

I am standing amongst pillars of love

They will keep me warm

They protect me from that heavy cloud

They hold the evidence of light

the faith if humanity

The strength of love

And the reason of Joy.

  Through my time I have been walking

But for now, Oh difficult now

I am cradled in your arms

In your Love

Held above your footsteps

And watching them in the sand.

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