I miss my girlfriend…

This is my sad face. Why you ask? It seems someone took my girlfriend away.

I had my little rocking horse girlfriend, we met when I was little. She was so much bigger than me, she scared me. I used to sneak up behind her bite her tail and run away. She never ran away, just stood there all stoic and umoving..but never ran away. Sometimes she would move back and forth, kinda’ cool huh?  As I got older we would play and play I could jump on her, tackle her, knock her over all sorts of dating fun.

Then I think my dad thought our dating was getting too rough. I would bite her neck, I think she liked it. I would bite her legs and drag her all over, she never complained. I would knock her over on her side and then push her back upright, that is kinda’ gentle….sort of. ….Ok, we played rough.

Anyway I think my dad thought that I would tear her head off and rip her stuffing out, so he put her in the attic. Ok, Ok so I may have done that to some of my friends and playmates in the past.  I however can’t help my instincts any more than uh, the Wolfman or Dracula, or say Marv Albert, …or that big lizard guy who took down Tokyo.

Now she is gone. Sigh, she rocked!  Well maybe one day we will meet again. One day when I treat my playmates better. I have a lot to learn, ..I really thought she liked the biting.

Life Lesson: Treat your girl with respect. A playfull nibble is Ok, but don’t go and rip the stuffing out of her, otherwise her daddy is gonna’ get mad.

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