Do these genes make my ass look fat?

I used to be small…………………..Now I am big!

I think I am growing like Godzilla, (and am a terror to shoes by the way)!  In about two months I have more than tripled in size and weight…and I have only just begun. I am only 1/4 – 1/3 full grown. I guess I have good genes.

Around the house, MY House! I rule!,….ok, after my Mom and Dad I am next! I rule all of the stuffed animlas, the shoes, the magazines and books that happen to be within reach, the rocking horse, and one certain rocking chair.

BUT, outside away from the house things are scary, there a lot of big things, cars, motorcycles, mail boxes…and the noise. It is all so foreign, so scary. I don’t feel big. I am SO not used to all of that.

Maybe one day I will learn about all of the scary stuff, maybe one day I will be able to used to it, maybe one day I will rule it, maybe one day.

Life Lesson: Once you learn about your scary stuff it isn’t so scary…then you can bite it.


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