My Ninang! (Godmother)

Wow! Bow Wow! I just met my Ninang, (thats Godmother for all of you who aren’t trilingual, yes, trilingual…English, Filipino, and dog).

She is GREAT! Why you ask? First of all she is close to my size, second, she spoon feeds me something totally unallowed by my Dad, (he would have a heart attack if he knew! Third, she brought me a really cool squeaky play dog…which I promptly killed and pulled the stuffing out of. OOOPS, sorry he lasted a day and a half, then he had to die. Fourth, she walked me, and then snuck me other treats while the old man wasn’t looking.

 It is so nice when a suprise visitor comes and you get to know them and spend time with them.

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: Thank God for relatives!

3 thoughts on “My Ninang! (Godmother)

  1. Look at the zombie like expression he has. She is not only spoiling him with people food, she is ruining him with “junk” food! What about his balanced canine diet? What about all the research that went into developing a perfect dog food for him? Now he only wants his food if it has been “seasoned” to his liking! (with some people food of course!) He won’t even eat his dog food when it is laced with a healthy amount of real boiled chicken. …not good enough. Now I also have to add something more.

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