The only thing worse than waiting is waiting and worrying.

My dad had to help my poppy with errands.  He left very early in the morning and he was gone for a very long time. My mom had to come home and feed me lunch, then walk me.

My dad usually comes home mid-afternoon, so it felt strange when my mom came home first early in the evening. Then we both sat around and waited for him.

My mom and I usually competed for my dad’s attention. If she gets to cuddle, I would want to cuddle too.  If I was getting a belly rub, she would want a back rub. But because we were waiting together, we became kindred spirits.

After an hour, my mom got a text that he was not coming home until late. We were doomed.  We would go hungry, there was no one to feed us.  We were lonely, but at least we were lonely together.

When she was so hungry she couldn’t wait anymore, my mom went out to get some food. She even got me liverwurst, my most favorite food in the world. But I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I still miss my dad.

Then it was bedtime. My mom went upstairs and I couldn’t decide whether to go with her or to wait downstairs. So I compromised and just waited at the top of the stairs. By then I was just worried. He never comes home late! What if something happened to him? I was tired but I couldn’t sleep, so I just waited and waited and waited.

Until he came. And then I’m happy again.

Life Lesson: You know you are important when you have somebody waiting for you.

1 thought on “AND DOWN

  1. Hi meatball!
    You can blame me for your Dad getting home late. He’s a great son and Dad because he helps Grandma and Poppy so much. We’re getting older now and can’t do some of the things that we used to do.A lot of things are heavier now than what they used to be. You should be very proud of him for helping us. Also, we were stuck in heavy traffic twice.Would you believe a car drove into a boat that was on a trailer?
    Love you,

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