All parents are nuts… except for those who aren’t.

Out of the blue my parents decided they want to go on a diet.  Somebody told them about “Nothing after 7”, where apparently you will lose weight if you don’t eat anything past 7pm. Of course they purposely interpreted this as they could anything and everything as long as they do it only until 6:59:59.

They probably started dinner at 5:30. They had leftovers, kanin (rice) and ulam (meat and veges). Then they had peanuts, then cherries, then dark chocolate covered roasted coconut, then dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts, then my mom’s favorite, dark chocolate covered raisins.  It wasn’t 7 yet so they started eating Dingdong (mixed nuts).  They were giggling the whole time, talking about how much weight they are going to lose. My dad actually stopped eating 5 min before 7 “so I will lose weight faster”.

I was not included of course, on account of my being too young.  I just got my regular old food with my regular old portions. I felt bad, but seeing them both so merry made up for it.

After 7 they decided to watch the movie Solaris, starring George Clooney.  It was so slow and boring they had to pause it a couple of times because I was so bored I started barking at them.  I don’t think they liked it either because they kept giggling and making fun of it.  There was nothing funny in that movie.

Afterwards though, they began filming a re-enactment of the movie.  Finally they included me, and that was so much fun.

This video doesn’t exist

LIfe Lesson:  Laughing makes the ups seem higher.  Having somebody to laugh with is blessing x2.

1 thought on “UP

  1. Hey Meatball!
    Nice to talk to you again.
    You have to be patient and understanding of your Mom and Dad. Sometimes parents act strangely and do wied things.
    By the way, tell them that nothing shows up on the video. I hear sound but no video. It’s all black. Tell them to fix it.

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