It takes a while to get over your fears.

I am so much bigger now that my mom thinks it is time to get over my fears. My house is in the middle of a block that goes uphill. I could walk a couple of houses downhill, but I am very afraid of going uphill. My mom would drag me up there and make me go back and forth, back and forth one house up.

In the beginning I would try to run downhill to go back to our house.  My mom would then sit on the sidewalk so I couldn’t pull her downhill. She would make me sit. In the middle of the sidewalk. With the neighbors probably watching. She has no shame.

What is wrong with just being a house dog anyway? My tiger mom would not be able to show me off, so up and down the street we still go.

Life Lesson:  If you cannot leave your comfort zone, at least expand it.

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