“Meatball the Terrible” aka Captain Destructo

Ok, Ok, Maybe I just like to read. I love magazines, books, newspapers. I just “tear ’em up”! can’t get enough.  Food for thought? You are what you eat?

Some, say I am like a spy dog. I destroy all the documents after reading them…or before.

The photo’s really don’t tell the whole story, I did much worse! But it was SO much FUN! And at least it isn’t the furniture, shoes, the wall, the stairs, the tv, the couch, the chairs, (uh, ok, it was the chairs a little bit…but just the ends).

I am thinking I should subscribe to a few magazines for myself, and maybe the Sunday Times. I am pretty sure I can get through the Sunday Times faster than my dad. That glossy magazine section sure looks good……………..

Now if I can sink my teeth into a Kindle, do you think my dad would get mad?

Life Lesson: You should really develop a taste for books, magazines, newspapers. Devour as much information as possible.

1 thought on ““Meatball the Terrible” aka Captain Destructo

  1. It would be good tear up the N.Y. Times, with all their Liberal garbage.
    Be sure not to mess with your Dad’s auto magazines. If you do, watch out!

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