You might feel a little twinge when you realize that you are not as important as you think you are.

My dad got a car lift for really cheap and he was so very excited about it.  He had to take it apart, transport it to our house and put it back together again.  Usually when he gets home he feeds me then plays with me, then he walks me.

Since he got the lift, he has almost forgotten that I existed. On the first day he worked non-stop at the garage.  I knew he was there and I tried to moan and groan and whine so he would come inside and play with me. Didn’t work.  I got bored and went upstairs to bed where it is more comfortable. I cried and moaned louder to make sure he could still hear me. Still didn’t work.

My mom came home. She’s starving too as she only eats Pringles and Oreos for breakfast and lunch. My dad still had not finished with the lift so my mom and me waited for him.  And waited.  Until it was almost bedtime. And still my dad had not left the garage. My mom got desperate and just made bacon for both of us. We weren’t food hungry anymore but we still wanted his attention.

Maybe in three months:(

Life Lesson:  You cannot be number ONE all the time. Deal with it.


2 thoughts on “STARVING!

  1. Aww, poor Meatball… But just like you, we like our new toys, and this happen to be one for the big boys! He’ll come around, soon, just give him your puppy eyes 🙂

  2. probably after your mom fed you the bacon, your dad must have been keeping an eye on you and your mom more! 🙂 (to feed you properly, and for your mom not to feed you again with her food!!! heheeheh!! 😀

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