It wasn’t my fault!

I’ll spare you the picture and it wasn’t my fault! My human didn’t do HIS job and take me out in time.

We woke up as usual, I wait while he brushes his teeth, showers, gets dressed, etc. etc. Then we go out for a nice walk and I pee and poop. Well this morning he decides to do OTHER things after he gets up and does the usual routine. I mean like “HUH” ? HEY BUDDY I got to GO you know. Does he listen? NO!

So I pooped on the floor! Oh Yes I Did! He got mad, I felt guilty, but I think he learned his lesson! I do believe I will get better service in the mornings from now on and none of this lax behavior on his part.

Life Lesson: With a smart plan and well thought out actions you can rule from the bottom.


Do NOT Watch!

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: There is just no stopping the young and the in-love.

Missing Lolo and Lola

 Why can’t we have everything?

My mom and my dad are back, but that just means I am alone most of the day. I miss my Lolo Dave and Lola Ellie because they were with me ALL the time! Do you think they think of me too?

Life Lesson: No matter how hard we try, there really is NO way to get everything.

Vintage Cars, Food Trips and Feelings

Outpost BBQ, Kerhonkson, NY

Some days are just roller-coastery.

Two days ago, my life seemed normal. I promptly found out that I was mistaken. My dad recently sold his 1972 Volvo 142S, and he has been pining for another vintage car since then. He wants to get another one to fix up, maybe a Fiat, a Lancia Fulvia, or an Alfa Romeo, and he has been trolling Craigslist for them. He is willing to drive hours just to look at a car. My mom would come along for the ride, she likes visiting new places, and more importantly, she likes discovering good places to get good food at cheap prices.

A week ago they went to look at a 1979 Fiat 124 Spider at Kerhonkson, NY. My dad didn’t like the car because it was too rusted, but my mom found a great BBQ place where she found the best beef brisket she has ever had!

So two days ago, my dad went to Bloomingburg, NY to look at a 1976 Alfa Alfetta. My dad took both my mom and me. I was very excited. I wasn’t going to be left behind! The car turned out to be junky but because it was only 45 minutes to Kerhonkson, my mom wanted to try the BBQ place’s pulled pork. To get to Kerhonkson you will need to go over a mountain with very steep cliffs. My dad didn’t want to go over the mountain again as he is afraid of heights (my mom is too), but they decided that the good BBQ was worth it. It was fun to see my dad driving at the shoulder of the road, almost touching the cliff rock just so he could drive as far from the edge as possible. When we got there, it was my turn to be afraid. There was a very noisy lawn mower going around and the big bad colorful umbrella was giving me the shivers. I refused to leave the car even with bribes of cold water and good beef brisket and pulled pork. Little did I know that it was a test of whether they could take me to a far longer Road Trip.

My mom found out that she doesn’t have to work for 2 days. She wanted to go to Maine to get lobsters. My dad wanted to go to Vermont to a pancake place he read about. They decided they were going to do both – WITHOUT ME! I was so heartbroken! My Lola Ellie and my Lolo Dave came to babysit me, but I had just barely met them. I couldn’t sleep well the first night. I couldn’t decide whether to stay in my parents room where their scent is still strong, or go to the guest room where my Lola was sleeping. I tried to lick my Lolo a couple of times, hoping he was my dad. I followed my Lola around the whole day the next day. I didn’t want her to leave me too. That second night, I just slept at my parents’ bed, so I could savor their fading smell.

Sugar and Spice, Mendon, VT

Sugar and Spice, Mendon, VT

Meanwhile, my parents drove 3 hours to Massachusetts and spent the night there. They called and asked how I was but they were still gone. They had to drive another 3 1/2 hrs to Mendon, VT.  My dad just had regular buttermilk pancakes and my mom had their Maple Walnut specialty pancakes, and they said the travel was worth it.

Maine was another 3 1/2 hours from there. But way past the middle, almost at the edge of the Middle Of Nowhere, New Hampshire, my dad spotted a 1986 Fiat X-19. It was not listed anywhere but only had an old For Sale Sign at the dashboard. He said it was the best car he has seen so far, not really the model/make he wanted, but he’s still fantasizes about it. I think he will recruit my Poppy into returning there to take a look at the car again.

Beach Plum Lobster Farm, Ogunquit, ME

First and last stop in Maine – Beach Plum Lobster Farm in Ogunquit. Its not a restaurant but you can get your lobsters cooked for you there, eat at their outside picnic tables for half the price you would pay in a restaurant. My mom had her first lobster fix (plus the parts that my dad didn’t want) there. This is also last stop as you can get your live lobsters to take home here too.

Wiscasset, ME by the bridge near Red's Eats

Another popular cheapish eating place is Red’s Eats, in Wiscasset, ME. They say their lobster rolls are world class, and they might be right. Or, you could get another lobster meal at Sprague’s, which is right across from Red’s.

My parents spent the night at Boothbay Harbor. They wanted to get $5 T-shirts but they came too late. They didn’t call me because they didn’t want to sound like anxious parents, but my dad wanted to drive home that night because he missed me. My mom refused because she wanted another blueberry pancake and blueberry pie. This fix she got from Maine Diner, in Wells, which she thinks is just as good as the Vermont pancakes.

It was a long two days. I missed them so much. But I am glad that they were able to satisfy their cravings, but I am gladder that they are back, and we are whole pack again.

Life Lesson:  Absence makes the heart grow fonder… probably up to two weeks.

This is Meatball’s Dad

Here sits Meatball. We went on a trip the other day and took Meatball. He was Ok with going for a drive as long as it was not too long. However, once we got anywhere he didn’t want to get out of the car. He was afraid of anywhere strange.

So, long story short, when his mom and I decided to go away for a few days, I decided he wasn’t going to go us. He would be too uncomfortable we reasoned. He would be better off staying at home with his Aunt. We would be out having fun and he would be OK.

Now that we are away all we worry about is Meatball. How is he feeling, does he miss us, does he know we are coming home. I think we have “first time parents leaving the newborn with the baby sitter” syndrome.

He is probably having a lot of fun, while we call all the time to see how he is. Every morning…ring ring…How is Meatball? how did he sleep? did he eat? does he miss us?  Every night…..ring ring…..How is Meatball? how did he sleep? did he eat?, does he miss us?

Life lesson: Vacation is more fun with the WHOLE family even if some are hairy and have long ears.

Where’s my daddy?

He has been Stolen! …..Some one has taken him awayNow I have to sit under the table and wait for him. I don’t even want to play without him.

I think I hear him in the garage, I think he’s working on cars with JoJo my Mommies cousin. They just hide in the garage, make noise, all day and hardly come out to play. I already walked, ate, pooped, pee’d, chased mom around, barked at nothing and slept. NOW, what am I supposed to do? I thought we were a pack, I thought we did everything together?

Wait untill he comes back in, I am going to bite his arm! I am going to make him rub my belly! I am going to make him play with me all day tomorrow!

I guess I’ll just make a mess and tear up this box.

I hope he comes back in soon.

Life Lesson: Be patient with the ones you love and they will come back to you.


We would like other people to think we are cleaner than we really are.

I usually like my toys scattered all over the floor. This way, if I get tired of one toy, I could just scoot my butt over to the next one without actually getting up.  In this I am my mommy’s son. When my dad first started dating my mom, he was surprised to find a spaghetti server beside her bed. At first he was too shy to ask her about it, but when he eventually did, she just laughed and told him it was for scratching her back. And that’s basically the story of my mom’s life: seemingly random things close together, in places where they don’t belong, because in my mom’s mind, she would not have to get up. Life BM (Before ME or Before Meatball) was simple because my mom would at least try to be neat, and in exchange she got a GOFER – my dad. When I came, things just got to be too much for my dad. He basically gave up and just gets happy if he could find a non-messy spot.

It all changed when we were going to have company. My mom invited one of her aunts to sleep over one night and the house needed to be clean. They put all my toys in my crate and I had no access to it! There were no more wet towels lying around to lie on when I felt like it. My house was just boring space. The good thing about having guests is that they don’t stay long, so now I once again lounge in our messy, wet, lived in space.  I think I would make a good pig.

Life Lesson:  There is order in chaos, and chaos in order.

Sorry Poppy :(

I am feeling SO guilty! Sometimes I play too rough. I can get really carried away. I was playing with my dad’s dad, I’m his granddog and we kind of got caught up in all that macho Mano-a-Dogo stuff. Anyway a grab by a hand here a flash of the old choppers there and oooops I bit the old guy.

Don’t worry, I haven’t developed a blood lust or anything. In fact I hardly got a taste at all.  He is a tough guy, he didn’t cry or complain, just laughed it off. I still feel bad, but on the other hand All I have is this big old mouth to defend myself with and to grab things with.

I fervently hope that on the next full moon he doesn’t start to grow big floppy ears, a tail, a black muzzle, start to drool, and want to lick his …..oh never mind.

I hope he doesn’t sue me! I could lose all of my toys, my bones, crate! ..he wouldn’t take my crate?   would he?


Life Lesson: If you play rough you may be laughing now, but sooner or later someone is going to get hurt…make sure it is the other guy!

Missing Mommy

 There is more to family than just what you see everyday.

My mom went to Toronto and she was gone for two days! She said she needed to go because she wants to see her family, and I thought, is she not content with just my daddy and me?

She went to see her Lolo (grandfather) and Lola (grandmother) that she had not seen for a long time. She said they were the highlight of her Sundays when she was growing up. She would line up for a lollipop treat from her Lolo, and eat special Sunday lunches from her Lola. She went to see her Titas (aunts) and Titos (uncles) who played with her and took her to movies when she was growing up. She went to see her cousins and their kids, some whom she has not seen in a long time.

My mom said they ate a lot of food, told old and new stories, and rehashed old jokes. My mom felt sad because she had to leave home, but she’s happy too, because she got to see her old family, and know that whatever and wherever she goes, she will always have a family to go home to. I cannot wait until I get to meet them!

Life Lesson: Family is always family, no matter the distance, no matter the time, no matter the differences.




This is for someone special who needs it

  The tears came from rain

and the rain from tears.

  Sorrow splashing upwards

From within

from without.

  A fall so deep

A burden so heavy

A moment so reversed.

  A miracle needed

So desperate

So elusive.

  Hope on butterfly wings, but impossible to catch

My hands tied by chance.

  No reprieve, just the constant cloud surrounding in all dirrections.

East and West, North and South, above, below, and beyond

Forever to the horizon and twice as far yet.

  Several rays of Sun, Oh the beautifull Sun

Are with me

I am standing amongst pillars of love

They will keep me warm

They protect me from that heavy cloud

They hold the evidence of light

the faith if humanity

The strength of love

And the reason of Joy.

  Through my time I have been walking

But for now, Oh difficult now

I am cradled in your arms

In your Love

Held above your footsteps

And watching them in the sand.