Oedipus not so complex

Ok, so I turned four months old…now it’s time to kill my daddy. Ok, Ok, I’m not really going to kill him. I am just going to sit on him and bite him up. look I am almost as big as him. heheh,he. One of these days, I am going to tell him what to do!  It’ll be like Hey buddy you go fetch! Go get me my toy, go get me my dinner,…..no, check that..Go get me YOUR dinner!

….and then he stands up. I guess I have a ways to go. Apparently he is just playing and he can get on top of me anytime. Ya’ know what, I am going to be nice to him. he takes me outside, ( I still haven’t figured out the whole door thing), he does feed me, brings me cookies, gets me toys to play with, ( or kill a little bit), rubs my belly and my ears stands out in the rain with me. Yeah, I guess I’ll keep him.

Actually, I am lucky.  I think he pays more attention to me than my mommy. He comes home and throws a quick “hello” to her than we get to start playing, walking, and eating.

So even though the “experts” say he shouldn’t play down at my level, he does and boy is it fun, he even almost lets’ me win sometimes.

Life Lesson: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you too hard.

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