The Low-Table and Me

Everybody needs a hiding place.

The Low-Table is a good example of my mom’s great idea and my dad’s even greater execution.  We have very few pieces of furniture in our house.  My dad  is determined design and make most of our furniture.  My mom loves sitting on the floor so she asked my dad to make a low table for her.  My dad make it from an old grate that he got from a junk shop. It was originally meant to be a sushi table, but my mom liked it so much that she made it her office.

It became my hiding place by accident.  I was trying to get my mom to notice me while she was working.  I fell from the cushions and landed underneath the table.  It was the perfect size for me.  It was dark, sheltered, perfect. In the beginning I could even stand up under it. Now the only way i could fit is if all my legs are cut off.  It doesn’t stop me from still trying to go though.  I hit my head on the grate every time, but still I go.  And the only movement I can do is belly crawl, but I still go.  I think in a couple of weeks I will either not be able to go underneath, or I will break the table trying… but I will still go.

Life Lesson:  When the time comes that you become too big for your shelter, maybe it is your turn to shelter.

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