Horsey and Me

horsey and me a week ago

Even siblings grow at different paces.

Horsey is my mom’s kind of pet – cute, soft and low maintenance.  The first time we met, I was just a little over half his size.  I had been afraid of him then.  At first I didn’t even want to go near him.  My dad had to cover his face with a towel so I could play in the living room.

Then I had the afraid-but-aggressive phase with him.  I would bark at him a lot, nonstop until my dad would reassure me that he isn’t going to harm me. When I wasn’t afraid of him anymore, I then tried to dominate him by humping him.

In spite of my craziness, he has been nothing but silent and strong for me.  He never rebuked me, never criticized me, yet he was always there for me. I am probably 1 1/2x his size, but he is still  my best friend.

Horsey and Me 7 weeks ago

Life Lesson:  We not only grow at different paces, but we also grow different directions. Old friends are precious as they had loved what you had been. New friends are a comfort, in spite of your weird size and shape, you can still be accepted. Friends who are friends forever – PRICELESS!

DDKTed to my BFFs!

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