The Demise of Yellow Dog

One by  one they fall. I know I have written about this before, but recently unknown spy footage from and unnamed source has revealed Shocking footage of the  last moments of our beloved Yellow Dog.  The perpetrator has been caught on film and is currently being sought by the authorites.

One investigator on the scene described it as Horrific. He said, “Well, it isn’t the worst stuffed toy asassination I have ever seen, but the victim did look like Swiss cheese.”

Friends of Yellow Dog remeber him as a nice gentle soul who always had a smile and wouldn’t hurt a thing. However someone who wished to remain anonomous wasn’t so complimentary. He was quoted as saying, ” He squeaked too much and you know what happens to squealers!”

Some of Yellow Dog’s friends had expressed fears about his and thier saftey. Indeed, when we tried to ask about them, some of them could not be reached. Lbs. The big M&M looking guy seemed to just bable and appeared to be missing a large portion of his synthetic white fluffy brains. He is recovering high up on a table and is hoping for a brain infusion and stitching. Mr. Squeaky Chicken has decided not to talk which is not  to blame him as it seems as his voice box has been savagely ripped out. Last seen Mr. Bear was hiding under the couch.

Even with the photo evidence and the camera phone video footage caught by a bystander authorities are having trouble matching the photos with a suspect. One person visitig the crime scene summed it up well, “after a while all those guys look a like, how can you tell?”

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson:
Choose your friends carefully, If they enjoy chewing into you, it may not be safe.

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