I love food! OK, I said it, Yes, I admit it. I really love food!!! Not just a little. Not just like, “Oh Rover, those tasty little morsels are just fabulous”. No, I love it like HEY EVERYONE, GET OUTTA’ MY WAY, LEAVE ME ALONE I’M EATING! …AND I’M EATING IT ALL!!!   MINE, MINE, ALL MINE!!!!   aaaahhhhh, burp, I’m done,..hicup, hicup, hicup…..snoooooze.

What I really love is people food. They get so many different flavours and really great smelling stuff. Stuff like ice cream! yeah, I can smell it. Meat! cheese! peanut butter! instead I get the same old bag of food bits and some hard dry cracker/biscuit things, …sigh. 

Ok, here comes the shameless plug…I eat Blue Buffalo, supposed to be really good for me and they make one for big dog puppies like me. Hopefully one day my picture will be on the package, or maybe I can do their TV commercials! Then maybe I can get a lifetime supply. I would really like that!

One suggestion, they should put a prize in the bag just like they used to do with kids cereals or with Cracker Jacks. Don’tcha think it would be great if they had a toy inside?

Ok, all of this talk is making me hungry!

Life Lesson: Mangia!


2 thoughts on “Yummy!

  1. You have to practice “portion control”, Meatball. Other wise you’ll be going to the “fat farm”, like those monsters you see at fairs and flea markets.

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